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the joys of a double life..

I knew it would happen as I progress in my life as a photographer… a decisions will have to be made about my 2 identities… my online and swinger one and my regular life.   most of my non erotic pictures are posted on my my other account but most of my fans are on […]

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domain name

well damn guess i forgot about my blog…. actually got around to creating my domain name.   .. more post are comming soon i promise

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let there be light……

that as good a beginning as any I guess. into first… I’m shutterboB! (yes it’s a pen name) and most of you know me as @numbnutt69 on twitter I’m a very geeky swinger that discovered a love for photographies especially erotic photographies. I’ve decided to create this blog to chronicle my advancement and discoveries into […]

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