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Waiting to be bumped… 8 days and counting

They they uncertainty is the worst thing to plan for…  So don’t…  But unfortunately that is not the way I’m built I have to plan for everything….  I’ll probably promptly forget those plans but I’ve planned for that so I’m good….  Here I am having already been bumped one for my surgery,  so my luck […]

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Frustration… The first setback

And right on schedule the first (well second but that’s for an other blog)  hiccup in project just the tip..  And it has to do with the way surgeries are managed and schedule…  I got this appointment last minute (2 week before)  because a spot got free up so my surgery is getting pushed forward..  […]

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I consider myself a self soficiant man and pretty much know my own worth … Or at least I though I did.   Being a computer nerd / geek I’ve gone through my share of bullying  and ridicule…. Like most people in the intellectual community I’ve learn to deal with it,  some days better then other…. […]

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