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Problem with having a type.. Musing over whiskey

Yes I have a type…  We all do I assume…  Some genetic,  social or environmental predisposition to be attracted to a certain type of individual.   Noting wrong with it and it’s perfectly normal….  For me physically I like boobs…  But everyone knows that…  As for personality well I like Submissive woman…  Always have and always […]

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Shortening the bench

Well do to overwhelming enthusiasts in my little science experiment (yes I’m being sarcastic)  I’ve decided to shorten the bench an concentrate on my two primary partners for there thoughts and impressions on the difference between a uncut and cut Bob…… Good thing I’ve got a get out free card (more like a temporary day […]

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Thoughts on previous post

First of I would like to thank those who commented on my previous post privately or on Twitter….  And yes I do have  big ball,  though if you follow me on Twitter you know that it’s true.. 😉…  I’ve debated putting my thought on this issue on this blog…  It’s part of me after all..  […]

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The joys of meds….

If you follow my other halfs kry’s and Lexxi you know that I’ve been recently (officially)  diagnosed with fibromyagia (this is not a medical blog so if you want to know Google it)    in essence my body is ether in constant pain or numb (hence my Twitter handle)   …  I’ve live with this for year […]

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