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I had to tell 2 friends to fuck of today. 

Not really and it more figurative theen anything but that’s what it felt like.  You see this weekend is the annual craft beer festival.  But I had sacrifice the even for a wonderful kink event and fund raiser on Saturday and a diner at friends house on Sunday….  I also left Friday to relax.. Bank […]

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Waiting to be bumped… 8 days and counting

They they uncertainty is the worst thing to plan for…  So don’t…  But unfortunately that is not the way I’m built I have to plan for everything….  I’ll probably promptly forget those plans but I’ve planned for that so I’m good….  Here I am having already been bumped one for my surgery,  so my luck […]

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control and restraint….

now that is a loaded tittle… some of you may have figured out that I have a very twisted mind and set of desires…. if not just look at the account that i follow on twitter   my list of fetishes is quite long but that is for an other post. Some of you may call […]

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