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Problem with having a type.. Musing over whiskey

Yes I have a type…  We all do I assume…  Some genetic,  social or environmental predisposition to be attracted to a certain type of individual.   Noting wrong with it and it’s perfectly normal….  For me physically I like boobs…  But everyone knows that…  As for personality well I like Submissive woman…  Always have and always […]

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landing the high

I’m writing this as more then one have asks me about m technique to avoid Drop, ether Dom or sub… this though process really started a few months ago when i got a really bad case of Dom drop.   this drop really hit me hard because i never drop .   in most of […]

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control and restraint….

now that is a loaded tittle… some of you may have figured out that I have a very twisted mind and set of desires…. if not just look at the account that i follow on twitter   my list of fetishes is quite long but that is for an other post. Some of you may call […]

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