Welcome to my Madness…..

I am geek/nerd by day erotic photographer by night., and Dominant all the time (ish) … I’m a Dominant  leaning on the Sadist side or is it a Sadist leaning on the Dom side… not sure and really varies daily . …. A devoted voyeur that loves to Dominate threw my camera lens.

The photographer…
Yes I’m a photographer actually trying to start my own studio if life would just give me the time. I specialize in erotica, boudoir and fine art but also do nature shots or whatever catches my eye. I like to give my own perspective on things usually with a little twist … if this means a composite is be it… all picture on this  are mine .

Kink side *
Yes I am a Dominant… actually a control freak (working on breaking that). I identify as a Sadist but I have more than a little masochistic tendencies, most of them self inflicted. Years of studies in isolation has created in me my own flavor of D it’s mostly twisted and not for everyone but as they said there is no true path… just the one you walk on. That said my main philosophy revolve on knowledge and the experience … my Kink and the way I see life is contently evolving.

I currently have 2 Sub the first (lexxi) is a sensualist and has been my sub for more years then I can remember…. the second (krys) is a masochist and I’m starting to guide her on her journey down the rabbit hole…. To me a sub is a partner for me to help guide… to me the experience ether experience by me or my s is what important (voyeur remember) .. Want to know more… just ask. I’m always up for discussing philosophies especially over a glass of scotch.


if you want.,,,  follow me down the rabbit hole

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