I had to tell 2 friends to fuck of today. 

Not really and it more figurative theen anything but that’s what it felt like.  You see this weekend is the annual craft beer festival.  But I had sacrifice the even for a wonderful kink event and fund raiser on Saturday and a diner at friends house on Sunday….  I also left Friday to relax.. Bank some spoons and pace myself…    

Well that was the initial plan now I’m juggling the kink even with my son girlfriend graduating diner (that I’m hosting with the help of my parents). and going for a father’s day BBQ with Tbe inlaws… The Relaxing fun filled weekend all of a sudden is a frustration filled balancing act were I try to balance pleasing myself… My friends and my family… With me the ultimate looser.   To me family is priority even is I can stand a portion of them so they are now my top priority so if choicses need to be made, even my health, family will win 9 time out 10.. 

Now what those that have to do with telling 2 friends to fuck off.. Well that goes back to the beer festival you see these friends ask me if I was going to the beer festival and if I was going to have a pint with them I said no… This predictively started several round of friendly teasing and jabbing (we are men after all). These round of teasing finished by me saying that I had no more spoons… Not enough energy to do what I was already overcommited to do  so I had to cut somewhere and unfortunately and predictively what gets sacrifices is what I want… They did not respond and I walk away. 

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