Waiting to be bumped… 8 days and counting

They they uncertainty is the worst thing to plan for…  So don’t…  But unfortunately that is not the way I’m built I have to plan for everything….  I’ll probably promptly forget those plans but I’ve planned for that so I’m good…. 

Here I am having already been bumped one for my surgery,  so my luck being what it is I have to plan at least mentally that I will be bumped again,    I know there is nothing I can do about it since it’s completely out of my control…  But that doesn’t help my fibromyalgic body that has stop listening to my brain a long time ago…  It decided that it Want to worry.  And how those a fibromyalgia body worry…  Well it flares up…  I’ve been in a almost constant flare for the past 5 days and it’s taking its toll.    It’s a good think that I have 4 days of R&R planed for the weekend….

So all I can do is wait….  Wait and hope the phone Doesnt ring between now and next Tuesday

8 days and counting….

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