Frustration… The first setback

And right on schedule the first (well second but that’s for an other blog)  hiccup in project just the tip..  And it has to do with the way surgeries are managed and schedule…  I got this appointment last minute (2 week before)  because a spot got free up so my surgery is getting pushed forward..  This left me scrambling and spending  3 day rearranging my schedule and cancelling meeting/activities including a quad weekend so that we can get this issue resolved…  Now we’re 3 day before the surgery I get a call that I’ve been bumped…  The surgeon need to use my allocated surgical time for a (I’m assuming)  high priority cancer patient.  

This is the problem with what is considered elective surgery…  It at  the bottom of the totem pole when it come to placement on the list and cancer surgery is way more important then my pour ripped up foreskin…  I understand that,  at least intellectually. But frack me now got to spend 3 day shifting new schedule and seeing what meeting / appointment I can bring back out of the new timeout into the new freed up time…   I’m lucky that I have an accommodating boss but I’m definitely going to have to juggle training that I was planing on giving at work.. 

I was already stressed out about this thing now I’m having to ass the scheduling uncertainty..  Cause you know nothing guaranties that the new date won’t change again…. 

The recovering control freak is just that freaking and my nerve are getting shot..

May have to take my bosses advise,  and yes this is what she answered when I told her of the shift….. Whiskey

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