for science.. the quick edition


i’m a geek and intellectual by nature.   strongly on the sapiosexual persuasion  so i though why not turn my dump fucking luck into a bit of fun with this and do a science experiment and try to at least put my spin on the debate “cut or uncut” which is better.. got a unique situation that this can be testes on the same test subject so to speak.

now cum the logistics.. for safe sex sake one 2 will be testing the full intercourse (my two fluid bonded subs) but fellatio is a complete other matter… so here the experiment.. i need test subjects (ladies only … sorry guys ) who are willing to perform felatio or a hand job  on me before and after and give me a report. this will be incorporate on posts on my blog .

now the other kicker… my surgery has been moved up to the 27th of May so our timeframe is kind of short… at least for the first part

1. report before and after on sensation and experience.. as it pertains to the feel
2. basic fellatio or hand job .. there is no need to for a full suck of (good luck on that one anyway and bonus point if you can do it)
3. this is for science so enjoyment is not required… but hey it’s always an options 😉

so if your interested … for science of course … get in touch with me i will be a at couple of events before the surgery


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