decision made.. the tip is just the beginning of the story

for those that know me know that i had a traumatic and possibly life changing event almost 2 years ago.. i had 2nd degree burns on my penis…. i pause for the man to stop squirming.  yes i burned my Johnson…  now i’m sure that i actually had blog about this but i can seem to find the post.  needless to say ordinarily this would not be and issue, few month of healing .. some really good medicated cream and i should be good to go…. well the fact that i’m writing this sais the contrary..  will my usual luck the prepuce didn’t heal properly and left me with a tight scar around the head of my penis that just doesn’t want to heal… on top of that almost every time i have an erection it would rip… why am i telling you this you ask….  well i am a sadist so i do get some enjoyment in seeing people squirm…. >:)

seriously i’m stating this because this is the first blog post on a new adventure i’m taking.   after several months of very painful cream and consultation with my urologist i have decided to get a circumcision to remove the damaged foreskin..  this is definitely not my preferred option unfortunately it’s my best option…  so here we go , I’ve decided to blog my progress ..  yes an other blog about a guy getting the tip of is dick off (yes google it, there are a lot)  this one is hopefully going to be a little different.  i’m going to be putting a lifestyle spin on it.. i do have multiple partner an i’m in the BDSM lifestyle so i have unique and extreme perspective on life…


hopefully you will join me on my journey



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