A first… Sex advise column

Well they’re a first for everything I guess and if you would have told me 3 year ago that I would not only be in a poly quad.. But answering questions about poly on a sex advise blog I would have laughed in you face…. Well the old karma struck again….

To put some perspective, we’ve been friends with the couple behind http://www.fuckblogging.com or http://sexlifeandeverything.com as they are now known for year enjoying (and even participating) in there journey of self discovery so when they asked us a few months ago if we wanted to guess blog on there site we (the quad) said sure why not.. We all have our own individual blogs so transitioning was not a big issues… So once our intro were done.. Came our first assignment, a advise column on poly… They had received a question from one of there reader that they couldn’t answer… So they flipped it to us… So I (we) said why not…

So here it is for those that want to read it



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