landing the high

I’m writing this as more then one have asks me about m technique to avoid Drop, ether Dom or sub…

this though process really started a few months ago when i got a really bad case of Dom drop.   this drop really hit me hard because i never drop .   in most of my 20 year of tapping into this euphoric force that is called DomSpace i never dropped.. at the time i chalk it off to a very emotional weekend ( I had just offered Krys my collar) so i disregarded it.   i consciously cataloged the even to be analysed at a later date but left it alone…  but when a few months later i dropped (bad) again i needed to analyse what is wrong ..

<insert what you want> space

for those unaware what Dom (sub) space is, it  a euphoric high that a Top or bottom experiences during BDSM scene..   your brain gets flooded with endorphin’s, dopamine and all sorts of other chemicals creating a sense of euphoria … yes a natural and very addictive high… this reaction manifest itself differently for every person (for me i feel like i’m 10 feet tall and van do no wrong) .. unfortunately like any high at one point you must come down…. now in my opinion how you come down is completely up to you…

the secret sauce….

to me it’s kind of simple the key to this technique is understanding what you are doing your brain is flying high and if you think of it as a plane ride the faster and harder you come down the bumpier it is… oh and the more chance of staling in crashing,   so using the plane analogy the trick is to glide and land at a steady pace controlling your decent.   you need to train yourself to let the sense of euphoria leave your body slowly… don’t rush it and certainty don’t try to hold on to feeling no matter how good it feels… let you body release the feeling… enjoy the memory of it don’t try to hold on to it… that is when you crash…

it may be a little self masochistic of me but i kind of enjoy the flight down… felling the endorphin slowly leave your body… savoring the memory of a job well done… knowing that ti will come again… holding on to tight just induces withdrawal

Now it’s not as easy as it sound and will require practice… but I’ve found once mastered it makes thing much more enjoyable




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