gone sideways … evolved… the joke is over…

I’ve been know as a personal joke for almost 3 years  on twitter..  Yes the @numbnutt69 has been retired…  It was originally set as a joke…  Then it became a way to identify me on Twitter…   But it’s run its course….  What made the numbnutt is still here in me…  But it’s evolved… And matured… 

I’m now @twistIshboB    still and inside joke to those who know me but less of a childish one. .  More of a persona that I’ve taken on…  Well the Bob one…  At least…  And yes the following accounts were taken so don’t ask


Now I’m officially and ish…..  Now

If you want to know the story behind this one… Buy me a glass of scotch and I may divulge it..  😉

Until next time

The twisted (ish)  Shutterbob

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