Word Sadist

Yes I am dyslexic and can’t spell worth shit… And lately it’s getting good worst for some reason …  But you know what,  as frustrating to those that are subjected to my tormenting writings  (trust me I’m one of them…. I’ve event  caught myself saying WTF) .. Today I had an appifiny… After realizing that I misspelled a stupid little word, it came to me… People are really going to roll there eyes at that one… And I kind of had a little bubbling inside me.    A feeling that I’ve identify as my sadistic pleasure… I actually got off on it.. So could it be that I may be a word sadist… Yes tormenting other with my bad spelling can be quite fun.. Especially if I do it on purpose…. >:) ..

Now that my friends is turning a Negative into a positive…

Remember friend… Sadistic dyslexic era toeple poo

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