this first time at the mill …. the SET

some say people are lucky … some say you must make your own luck.. well i think it’s a little of both .. and well this shy introvert geek (please stop laughing) think that you need to take the bull by the horn and put yourself out there… you’ve all seen my journey through photography and well this is just an other path lest taken that if come across…..



this all started with a post on Facebook and camera charger.  One of the members of the DL group on facebook posted that they needed a changer for a old olympus camera that i just happen to own…. I offered the charger for him to test since it was simply gathering dust… So we meet up to do the exchange and share a coffee .. as this thing go when two professional meet we talk shop and show each other our portfolio….. We some of you may know one of my passion is boudoir photography (not shown on this site… it’s socially friendly 😉  . but he so happen to do, i mean shoot, oi mean take pictures of a lot of models. and he say id really love this group that hes member of and he told me he would send me an invite… we parted way me feeling kind of good about myself.

The invite

that night I got an group invite on facebook and not thinking more of it then cool he did send me the invite… till i looked at the top and it said this was a secret group… WTF… facebook as secret groups cool.. i then proceded to look up the different type of group (yes I’m a geek sue me) …
and low and behold there is secret groups…. cool…..   and well all i can tell yo is WOW … i was mesmerized by the picture i saw both of the models and the location…..

The Mill

this is a great place for a photographer like myself…. total pivacy … setting like you wound’t believe and model that want to be taken there for nude pictures….. there is no electricity at this place … part of it was burnt down, most or it is destroyed and graffiti and should be put down….  I loved it….  almost broke my neck a few times but all in a days work…. god i love my job….


well you probably already reed this story on other blogs but here it is the complete set of  pictures from the Mill … there were taken in the basement in a room only light steaming from a hole in a ceiling .. making shadows all over the place …. i was in a macabre moody kind of place when I took these pictures… so i does reflect in there processing….
thoughts in the dark
view at freedom
Ill repeat myself….. I love my job/….
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