the Quad

you’ve probably read me mention the Quad… will this refers to are polysemous little family . if you want to know more about it read there blogs… there much better at it then I.   but for brevity sake may first love is lexxi and about a year and a half ago we started dating krys and gun …, over time we’ve become and open item…. yes we are (and have) open to other ether as a group or individually.  but be forewarned hooking up with one mean the rest are there and watching :)…


Who is she : wife / life partner / main model , ect … ect…. 

blog :
twitter handle : @LexxiBlue


How she is : Girl Friend / wife#2 / lover /  other favorite model
blog :
twitter handle : @Krystalla3


 Yes its a picture of a dick get over it…. not because he is one but well that the only picture i have taken with him in it … and it’s a pretty cool pic…..
how he is : My partner in crime / Kry’s husband / Lexxi’s BF / Lexxi’s husband#2
blog :
twitter handle : @sweetgunnar
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