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First of I would like to thank those who commented on my previous post privately or on Twitter….  And yes I do have  big ball,  though if you follow me on Twitter you know that it’s true.. 😉…  I’ve debated putting my thought on this issue on this blog…  It’s part of me after all..  Most of my musing on this issue is on my other blog. But this subject touches area of my life that are not know to all and unfortunately may not not be accepted by all or polite society…  Hence Bob’s blog.   Just to get clear…  Not trying to get sympathy these are issues that are part of me and have been for a long time…  The current curve ball is nothing more the that.  And we’ll you can hit a home run on a curve you just go to know how to time it….  But I digress…  So expect some more musing on the naughty side of my issues….  If you don’t like it though…  This is my blog…  And if you learn something all the better….  But don’t worry expect some hot erotica captured by eye to be back up soon…  I’m  changing to my own blog service so I don’t have to adhere to bloggers prudish restrictions…  So stay tune…

As always welcome to my madness….

P. S.   If my thought did attract a sympathetic female hear I’m always looking for FWB..  Having numb Nut has some advantage I  the lasting power department…. Just saying   😁

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