The joys of meds….

If you follow my other halfs kry’s and Lexxi you know that I’ve been recently (officially)  diagnosed with fibromyagia (this is not a medical blog so if you want to know Google it)    in essence my body is ether in constant pain or numb (hence my Twitter handle)   …  I’ve live with this for year and have watch my body feel pain more and more…  Last fall / winter was bad….  Real bad…  To the point that I finally gave in a had the drug talk with him  …  You see drugs that are available for this wonderful syndrome are those that you see on US TV Commercial    you know the one that half the commercial is side affect…  Not fun.

I can live with the pain…  And really most of the time I’m numb to it…  If it get bad I just shut down or cocoon…  But i’m not alone in this world I’ve got a wonderfully sexy wife,  Lexxi,  and I’m part of a great poly relationship with krys and Guner…  I can just ignore/ cocoon I have to live.  Hence the decision to try the meds…

current Meds that are used for #FM are meds that are no design for this syndrome but the drug industry in there ongoing search for more revenue from expiring patten (or obsolete drugs) . The current drug du jour are combination of a serotonin increasing anti depressant and a neuro suppressing epileptic drug…  That suppositly reduce FM pain by  20 to 60% not perfect but he’ll of a lot better the feeling 100% of sometime numbing constant pain…  If you can stomach the side effect that is…  Life is always full sacrifices… Do the good of the situation out way the bad….  Well I’ll tell you the bad on these was really bad well at least till I started taking the drugs properly…  If you want to know more find my other blog…  Way to depression get for a adult oriented blog… 

For the purpose of this blog I’ll discuss the one side effect that I didn’t want to have lost of libido….  When playing around with brain chemistry this one is enviable…  And suppositly temporary…  And since I have a over exited libido and used to being numb down their (again Twitter handle is factual)  I didn’t think this would affect me to much…..    Surprise?

Side effects so far

Almost complete lost of sensitivity.   I thought I was numb before,  I was wrong…  There a term often used for woman car anogasmic  ,  the inability to cum,    which for women is very frustrating…  Well its downright paid full for men.  I’ve gone weekends with two lovely ladies playing with me and hours of fucking over multiple season  and not cum a drop…  And really feeling like I’m basically wearing a strap on instead of a dick…  Cause thats about as much feeling that I get…  Problem is…  Presure still builds up in the balls…  Can you say epic blue balls.

Lost of pain…  I feel nothing down there I currently have a ring of cuts around my dick….  I don’t feel them unless I move the skin..  Which is good but you try having sex with cuts on your dick >.<

Emotional normalisation…  This is expected,  one of the drug is an antidepressants.  But it’s also creating a emotional disconnect..  Which included love and affection..  I was never an emotional guy. But….

Loss of libido….  That was expected…  Reductions in sexual desire is definitely there…  But physically I still can get my almost 8′ up and ready in no time flat…  But if I don’t get it it won’t bother me (apart from the blue balls of course)

The big think and the one that was not expected is the total lack of emotional desire for sex….  Intellectuely and physically I know it there…  But the emotional tie in is gone…  Even Cummings (when I do)  is a physical release,  nothing more.    I can honestly don’t care if I have sex or not,  I can have a theresome going on beside me and it won’t excite me…  That’s what really bothering me…  Sexual dominance as been a core value in life.   It part of who I am…  Now it’s meh and that depressing and frustrating for my partners. 

The delema

Now that my meds are properly doused and that I’m taking the second one,  several of my really bad symptoms are gone which make the benefit vs side effects so hard to look at…  The sexual side effects are suppose to be temporary so doctor is pushing it off….  Let’s hope.    For now guess I’ll just have to wait and please my girls the best I can

A well stay tunes… 

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