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the Quad

you’ve probably read me mention the Quad… will this refers to are polysemous little family . if you want to know more about it read there blogs… there much better at it then I.   but for brevity sake may first love is lexxi and about a year and a half ago we started dating […]

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control and restraint….

now that is a loaded tittle… some of you may have figured out that I have a very twisted mind and set of desires…. if not just look at the account that i follow on twitter   my list of fetishes is quite long but that is for an other post. Some of you may call […]

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Thoughts on previous post

First of I would like to thank those who commented on my previous post privately or on Twitter….  And yes I do have  big ball,  though if you follow me on Twitter you know that it’s true.. 😉…  I’ve debated putting my thought on this issue on this blog…  It’s part of me after all..  […]

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This blog..

Please note I will be moving this blog off blogger in the very near future… I’ve gotten my own host and will have full control over content  Stay tuned

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The joys of meds….

If you follow my other halfs kry’s and Lexxi you know that I’ve been recently (officially)  diagnosed with fibromyagia (this is not a medical blog so if you want to know Google it)    in essence my body is ether in constant pain or numb (hence my Twitter handle)   …  I’ve live with this for year […]

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