I consider myself a self soficiant man and pretty much know my own worth … Or at least I though I did.   Being a computer nerd / geek I’ve gone through my share of bullying  and ridicule…. Like most people in the intellectual community I’ve learn to deal with it,  some days better then other…. But I digress…  I live and work in a world of politics and money. Feedback is ambiguous but usually involves influence or $$ and you know you are are doing well not necessarily by what people say but on your pay scale or how many people listen to what you say.

Well the knee change a bit lately… I’ve fallen in to the wonderful world of the arts where the rule Aldo similar are completely different..
Praise and  feedback are completely deferent. I’m not dealing with 1’s and zeros or political maneuvering…  But the wonderful world of subjective personal opinion….. It’s the geeks worst nightmare.. Lol  

Don’t get wrong I Have patio for photography and I know I’m only scratching the surface of my talent/experience…  But every time I post  picture I feel like  15year old kid waiting to see if I did good….  It’s kind of adnerving….  And if nothing comes up good or bad it’s feels like a blow… Definitely give me  a new perspective on some of the praise I give other artist…   So give it a go give your opinion…  Not just platitudes help someone grow in there chosen vocation and passion

And to my sister (who I really hope is not reading this blog )…. You are one of the best in your field,  know it for years and publicly said it for years…  Just not sure if I’ve told you directly

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