#photographerbucketlist —- the first atempt

if you follow my twitter account you’ve probably notice that I (or my models) sometime re-tweet pictures with the hashtag #photographersbucketlist or something very similar depending on the available space …  this mean that we like the picture and i would be fun the reproduce the scene…. sometime this is a pipe dream and I really just want to do the models ….

The Reproduction…

and other time it’s a distinct possibility that it will happen. and well our first reproduction happened a few weeks ago. this scene was actually not mine to tag.  its one of my models Krys and lexxi . and who am I to deprives them of there fun….. 😉  reproducing scene is not as easy as it sound especially erotic one, you need willing participants as well as the proper local and props… so here we go

The Shoot 

Lexxi and Kry relaxing between shots
like i said to do a successful photo shoot you need a photographer, willing models and a location… and of course an idea of what to shoot…..  and for this one the hardest part was not the last one… this should was hard on the photographer … well if you look at the picture you’ll get it ….. it was the angle. as you can see to get this shot the way i wanted it it was done free hand and with me suspended above the couch….
the reproduction

my variation

Having fun

can’t just do one shot so we have to have some fun… and well to make things interesting had the girls wear a little something that would not show in the main shoot… but would show up after 
full  view
closeup of the jewel

that ass

Or make it classy 


and well since I’d like to do this for a living (at least part time) need to practice the classic shots… all shapes and size are beautiful… you stick or Photoshop…. all you need a will participant. 


And well you all know me  I have to shoot boobs….

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