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I consider myself a self soficiant man and pretty much know my own worth … Or at least I though I did.   Being a computer nerd / geek I’ve gone through my share of bullying  and ridicule…. Like most people in the intellectual community I’ve learn to deal with it,  some days better then other…. […]

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a little bit of rope

if you follow my models on twitter you may know that some of them like to be tied up… so i try to incorporate it in my shoots when ever possible in this case it was the impressive flexibility of Krys that sparked this scene we were just finishing up a set pose view of […]

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#photographerbucketlist —- the first atempt

if you follow my twitter account you’ve probably notice that I (or my models) sometime re-tweet pictures with the hashtag #photographersbucketlist or something very similar depending on the available space …  this mean that we like the picture and i would be fun the reproduce the scene…. sometime this is a pipe dream and I […]

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the joys of a double life..

I knew it would happen as I progress in my life as a photographer… a decisions will have to be made about my 2 identities… my online and swinger one and my regular life.   most of my non erotic pictures are posted on my my other account but most of my fans are on […]

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