Changed my site

Yes I’ve changed the name of my site to a more grandiose a delusional name.    So welcome to to the twisted church of bob were my awesomenesss and my low will be on display… As I have time and the energy I will be transforming it to something more.. Hopefully as I transform myself into something that I relate to…. 

So for now stay tune,enjoy a drink and welcome to the church of hob… 


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I had to tell 2 friends to fuck of today. 

Not really and it more figurative theen anything but that’s what it felt like.  You see this weekend is the annual craft beer festival.  But I had sacrifice the even for a wonderful kink event and fund raiser on Saturday and a diner at friends house on Sunday….  I also left Friday to relax.. Bank some spoons and pace myself…    

Well that was the initial plan now I’m juggling the kink even with my son girlfriend graduating diner (that I’m hosting with the help of my parents). and going for a father’s day BBQ with Tbe inlaws… The Relaxing fun filled weekend all of a sudden is a frustration filled balancing act were I try to balance pleasing myself… My friends and my family… With me the ultimate looser.   To me family is priority even is I can stand a portion of them so they are now my top priority so if choicses need to be made, even my health, family will win 9 time out 10.. 

Now what those that have to do with telling 2 friends to fuck off.. Well that goes back to the beer festival you see these friends ask me if I was going to the beer festival and if I was going to have a pint with them I said no… This predictively started several round of friendly teasing and jabbing (we are men after all). These round of teasing finished by me saying that I had no more spoons… Not enough energy to do what I was already overcommited to do  so I had to cut somewhere and unfortunately and predictively what gets sacrifices is what I want… They did not respond and I walk away. 

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Problem with having a type.. Musing over whiskey

Yes I have a type…  We all do I assume…  Some genetic,  social or environmental predisposition to be attracted to a certain type of individual.   Noting wrong with it and it’s perfectly normal….  For me physically I like boobs…  But everyone knows that…  As for personality well I like Submissive woman…  Always have and always will…  Not the “you are my God I will do everything for you”  Submissive..  But independent and even bratty…  Keeps me on my Toe even while they differ to what I do… 

Only one problem with this… And this is something I’ve observed as I’m reevaluate my life and what  I’m looking for is that as much as we can connect,  there is certain parts of me that they don’t get…  And only an other dominant works get…  Simply the conversation of how a seen went and being able to discuss the fine point of flogging and or a wax session..  Or better yet how to be I or she was particularly sadistic in a session..  And not have this partner ether stare out dreamily or even in envy of not being the recipient..

Guess i know what I’m looking for… 

Musing over whiskey …

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Waiting to be bumped… 8 days and counting

They they uncertainty is the worst thing to plan for…  So don’t…  But unfortunately that is not the way I’m built I have to plan for everything….  I’ll probably promptly forget those plans but I’ve planned for that so I’m good…. 

Here I am having already been bumped one for my surgery,  so my luck being what it is I have to plan at least mentally that I will be bumped again,    I know there is nothing I can do about it since it’s completely out of my control…  But that doesn’t help my fibromyalgic body that has stop listening to my brain a long time ago…  It decided that it Want to worry.  And how those a fibromyalgia body worry…  Well it flares up…  I’ve been in a almost constant flare for the past 5 days and it’s taking its toll.    It’s a good think that I have 4 days of R&R planed for the weekend….

So all I can do is wait….  Wait and hope the phone Doesnt ring between now and next Tuesday

8 days and counting….

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Shortening the bench

Well do to overwhelming enthusiasts in my little science experiment (yes I’m being sarcastic)  I’ve decided to shorten the bench an concentrate on my two primary partners for there thoughts and impressions on the difference between a uncut and cut Bob……

Good thing I’ve got a get out free card (more like a temporary day pass)  so that they both can get a free impression of the uncut version… 

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Project just the tip…

Yes I’ve decided to actually give a name to this adventure I’m going on… 

Project just the tip

Kind of appropriate I think….  A well stay tunes

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Frustration… The first setback

And right on schedule the first (well second but that’s for an other blog)  hiccup in project just the tip..  And it has to do with the way surgeries are managed and schedule…  I got this appointment last minute (2 week before)  because a spot got free up so my surgery is getting pushed forward..  This left me scrambling and spending  3 day rearranging my schedule and cancelling meeting/activities including a quad weekend so that we can get this issue resolved…  Now we’re 3 day before the surgery I get a call that I’ve been bumped…  The surgeon need to use my allocated surgical time for a (I’m assuming)  high priority cancer patient.  

This is the problem with what is considered elective surgery…  It at  the bottom of the totem pole when it come to placement on the list and cancer surgery is way more important then my pour ripped up foreskin…  I understand that,  at least intellectually. But frack me now got to spend 3 day shifting new schedule and seeing what meeting / appointment I can bring back out of the new timeout into the new freed up time…   I’m lucky that I have an accommodating boss but I’m definitely going to have to juggle training that I was planing on giving at work.. 

I was already stressed out about this thing now I’m having to ass the scheduling uncertainty..  Cause you know nothing guaranties that the new date won’t change again…. 

The recovering control freak is just that freaking and my nerve are getting shot..

May have to take my bosses advise,  and yes this is what she answered when I told her of the shift….. Whiskey

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decision made.. the tip is just the beginning of the story

for those that know me know that i had a traumatic and possibly life changing event almost 2 years ago.. i had 2nd degree burns on my penis…. i pause for the man to stop squirming.  yes i burned my Johnson…  now i’m sure that i actually had blog about this but i can seem to find the post.  needless to say ordinarily this would not be and issue, few month of healing .. some really good medicated cream and i should be good to go…. well the fact that i’m writing this sais the contrary..  will my usual luck the prepuce didn’t heal properly and left me with a tight scar around the head of my penis that just doesn’t want to heal… on top of that almost every time i have an erection it would rip… why am i telling you this you ask….  well i am a sadist so i do get some enjoyment in seeing people squirm…. >:)

seriously i’m stating this because this is the first blog post on a new adventure i’m taking.   after several months of very painful cream and consultation with my urologist i have decided to get a circumcision to remove the damaged foreskin..  this is definitely not my preferred option unfortunately it’s my best option…  so here we go , I’ve decided to blog my progress ..  yes an other blog about a guy getting the tip of is dick off (yes google it, there are a lot)  this one is hopefully going to be a little different.  i’m going to be putting a lifestyle spin on it.. i do have multiple partner an i’m in the BDSM lifestyle so i have unique and extreme perspective on life…


hopefully you will join me on my journey



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for science.. the quick edition


i’m a geek and intellectual by nature.   strongly on the sapiosexual persuasion  so i though why not turn my dump fucking luck into a bit of fun with this and do a science experiment and try to at least put my spin on the debate “cut or uncut” which is better.. got a unique situation that this can be testes on the same test subject so to speak.

now cum the logistics.. for safe sex sake one 2 will be testing the full intercourse (my two fluid bonded subs) but fellatio is a complete other matter… so here the experiment.. i need test subjects (ladies only … sorry guys ) who are willing to perform felatio or a hand job  on me before and after and give me a report. this will be incorporate on posts on my blog .

now the other kicker… my surgery has been moved up to the 27th of May so our timeframe is kind of short… at least for the first part

1. report before and after on sensation and experience.. as it pertains to the feel
2. basic fellatio or hand job .. there is no need to for a full suck of (good luck on that one anyway and bonus point if you can do it)
3. this is for science so enjoyment is not required… but hey it’s always an options 😉

so if your interested … for science of course … get in touch with me i will be a at couple of events before the surgery


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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